January 17, 2018

Have you ever driven down a road, or looked at a neighbour’s front door colour and thought to yourself ‘now, who would live in a house like this?’

If so, join the club. Apparently, most people in the UK are quick to make similar assumptions of a person, based on the colour or style of their front door. In fact, it is believed that a person takes just 10 seconds to make a judgement after seeing a persons front door colour.

So, this begs the question; what are people saying about you? With so many colours and styles to choose from, what statement are you making with your front door colour?

At George Barnsdale we have been manufacturing and installing wooden doors for over 130 years and have had some quite unusual requests along the way and have developed our timber entrance door designs to suit.

Following the Pantone decision to award Ultra Violet as the colour of 2018, we have seen an increase in purple door requests.

But with fashion and trends constantly changing, through our painting process we have been able to match pretty much any front door colour sample request and have the ability to match any design customisation needs.

A common misconception when people are choosing their front doors is that ‘timber doors require regular painting or varnishing to look their best.’ However, this is not the case. The type of coating and how it is applied significantly contributes to the longevity of the wooden door.

We have spent years researching the application of timber coatings and are very confident that we can save you from having to undertake a laborious annual maintenance task.

The outcome is a sophisticated coating system and the best possible environment for coating application. Our advanced four stage coating system provides maximum protection to the timber, whilst allowing it to breathe and let its natural beauty show through.

Timber doors provide a high end look that other materials only try to mimic and are proven to be the best at resisting everyday wear and tear, whilst also being the least likely to dent and repairing is easy.

We are so confident in our own application process that we provide a standard 10-year guarantee for paint finishes and a 7-year guarantee for satin finishes.

The look and feel of any door is determined not only by its colour, but by the timber used. We offer a choice of timber specifications to ensure you get the best fit for your home.

But what colour best represents you?

You may already have a front door colour in mind for your next redecoration project, but what does that colour say to your guests? Colour experts and psychologists have suggested that certain colours are linked with specific attributes.

Which of these can you identify with?

Our most popular door by far is white and as the most common door colour in the UK it is associated with calmness. White door owners are thought to be organised and logical.

Cream is also considered to represent a peaceful home and grey is associated with people who are sincere, although understated.

Purple, the colour for 2018 is associated with risk takers and unique individuals, but also linked to wealth and power, whereas a lilac shade represents mystery and spirituality. In the practice of feng shui, purple is thought to be the only colour that can face in any direction. But the spiritual purple door owning readers amongst you will have probably already known this, with your open mindedness!

Blue door owners tend to be successful, but quite conservative and depending on the shade of blue, can also indicate sincerity and reliability. They are considered to be harmonious individuals and tends to suggest a relaxed, easy-going family would reside behind a blue door.

Red is likely to get you noticed and is the colour of the attention seeker, people with lots of passion and self-confidence, who are active, assertive and not afraid of attracting a bit of attention.

Green generates feelings of safety, suggesting a harmonious home environment. A friendly individual, who is likely to lookout for the neighbourhood, and an active member of the community. They are likely to be the ones that take your bin out if you are away on holiday.

Meanwhile, people with black doors, although seen to poses a strong sense of style, they can also be seen to be a bit mysterious, enjoying their own privacy. Which suggests a conservative homeowner, who appreciates timeless values and tends to be private.

Contemporary Entrance Door with etched glazing

Do any of these colours ring a bell with you? Is it time to update your door?

We manufacture all our entrance doors from Grandis Hardwood as standard, but offer the following other timber options:

• Engineered Redwood – this is an excellent timber species for products requiring a paint finish, because the reduced moisture uptake and increased stability of the timber produces a substrate which enhances the coatings lifespan.

• European Oak – this durable hardwood benefits from an attractive grain and colour. It is a traditional choice for windows and doors due to its durability.

• Accoya – earning it the highest durability rating of any timber, it is our timber of choice in the manufacture of external profiles and our recommendation for any coastal properties.


All of our timber options are sustainably sourced, and we can provide full FSC chain of custody for our windows and doors upon request.

Installing one of our timber front doors with an eye-catching shade will instantly improve the appearance of your home and a set of matching wooden windows will ensure the best look is achieved, and the passers-by impressed.

Depending on the style and period of your property, we also have a range to match. Our historic range is perfect for period properties, our traditional range fits the needs for most homes, and our contemporary range is ideal for any modern and quirky residences or self builds.

Not only does the exterior of your house improve the aesthetic appearance, but can also increase the value of your residence.