Increased natural light and an unobstructed view

Timber sliding doors are a great choice if you want to make the most of your views into the garden or beyond. Large panes of glass give uninterrupted views and lots of natural light.

How do sliding doors work?

Our timber sliding doors run on a high performance rail system that is designed to ensure the doors glide easily. Weight is not a problem because the system is highly durable and also makes opening the doors effortless.

Sliding doors are particularly useful where you don’t have space inside or outside for doors to open into. The opening door slides behind the fixed panel making them ideal in kitchens, entrances and even bedrooms with Juliet balconies.

We offer a number of sliding door configurations to suit the layout of the room and the size of the reveal. All configurations allow for very large and heavy doors (up to 400kg in weight) to be specified without compromise of the sliding performance

Are Timber sliding doors secure?

Yes, our sliding doors are extremely secure. They are Secured by Design and PAS-24 tested. We use cylinder locking, locking handles and multi-point espagnolette locking.

There are also secure night vents which leave a 10mm opening. This is ideal when used in a bedroom, for example, when you want night time ventilation.

Additional security is offered by the concealed, interlocking aluminium meeting rail, which also contributes to the doors’ exceptional weather performance.

Double or triple glazing

We offer a range of glazing options including triple glazing, which gives optimum thermal and acoustic performance. This means they are suitable for Passivhaus building standards.

There is also an option for integrated blinds which gives a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Paint or stain?

We offer a range of standard paint colours or you can opt to have a colour matched to a leading manufacturer’s. There is also a range of stain options too.

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